showcase nft

All the tools you need to create gamefi

NFT Toolkits

Try our first gamefi project: Worldmap. Contact us to make gamefi great again.

showcase payment

The simplest way to set up crypto payment

Crypto Payment SDK

Your payment will go directly into your wallet address without compromising your privacy.

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showcase donation

Easily accept cryptocurrency donations

Crypto Donation Widget

Receive donations directly on your own website with our simple and easy-to-use donation widget.

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Create your Web3 directory

Fund your passion! Give your supporters an easy way to say thanks and turn their support into success.

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showcase analytics

Utilize your data to your advantage

1Pay Analytics

Analyze data across our platforms with 1Pay Analytics, giving us a thorough grasp of the user flows.

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showcase utils

Tools for Web3 users

1Pay Utils

Enhance your experience on blockchain explorer platforms such as Etherscan, Arbiscan,...

Chrome Extensions