The simplest way to set up crypto payment on the internet

Through our integrated solution, we utilize the power of smart contracts to collect payment. Your payment will go directly into your wallet address while we collect a small fee to support our service.

1PAY supports multiple platforms

More e-commerce platform plugins coming soon.

Quick setup & demo

Follow these steps to try out the function

1. Enter ERC20 (Ethereum, Arbitrum,...) recipient wallet address
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
Please enter the valid address!
Example is 1Pay's wallet
2. Choose blockchains and tokens that you want to receive:
Supported blockchains
BNB Smart Chain
Supported tokens
3. Insert this script to your website
<script src=",arbitrum,bsc&token=usdt,usdc,dai"></script>
4. Execute function onepay() to initiate a payment
<button onclick="onepay(0.1, 'usdt')"> TRY IT </button>

For more details, visit our Documentation

No signup required.
You deserve your privacy and we respect that!

Get paid without compromising your privacy

  • Fill out information

    Specify the wallet address, select the tokens & blockchain networks that you accept. No sign up, no API key.

  • Copy & Paste

    Insert the generated script into your website. They can pay with any of your chosen tokens & blockchain networks. No more hassle when we have your back.

  • Profit

    Track your outstanding earning in our dashboard. We have it all for you in one place!


Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we will get back to you ASAP.
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